Environmental Sciences Services

Habitat and Wildlife Surveys

Sibling owls at nap time Satellite Beach, FL.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Scott

If you are purchasing a lot, you may want to have this service performed to find out what type of wildlife are currently living on that lot and what conditions currently exist..

Wetland Flagging, Determination, Delineation & Mitigation

Wetland flagging Brevard County, FL
Photo courtesy of Lisa Scott

Wetlands are protected in Florida so be sure to determine if they are on a lot before you try to build.  This could save time and money because once the wetland is disturbed it could become quite costly in fines and consulting costs.

Endangered Species Surveys

Bald eagle endangered species.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Scott

If there are endangered species on your lot, certain steps have to be taken to protect the wildlife.  The professionals at Consolidated Environmental Engineering can help you with these type of issues.

Environmental Resource Permits (ERP)


In order to build or renovate a dock, seawall, marina, move a gopher tortoise, trim mangroves, search for underwater treasure, mitigate for scrub jays or wetlands, an ERP application will need to be submitted with an associated report with the job's particulars detailed on it to the appropriate authorities. Consolidated Environmental Engineering can perform these type of services for you or your clients.

Environmental Site Assessments Phase I


Consolidated Environmental Engineering performs Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments  and Phase III Remediation for those that are purchasing commercial property and their lending institution requires it.  The Phase I consists of a site visit, desktop research, records review, aerials review and transaction questions to determine if there is probable environmental concerns at that particular site.  

ESA Phase II and Phase III


A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment consists of verifying if a site has contamination by performing strategic sampling to establish the parameters of the contamination.  

A Phase III  is the actual clean up and remediation of the site.

Environmental Science Services continued

Aquatic or Sea Grass Surveys

Manatee in canal at Sampson's Island
Photo courtesy of Lisa Scott

 For dock/marina permitting an aquatic sea grass survey must be performed  

Marine - Benthic Survey

Perfect get away in Bonaire.
Photo courtesy of Lisa Scott

  If developing over water, then a marine benthic survey is performed. 

Safety and Environmental Audits

Dragon fruit flowers. Photo courtesy of Lisa Scott

Our principle has extensive experience in Safety and Environmental Compliance and can help you understand where your organization would need work in these areas.

Prior Project of Interest Treasure Salvage Permit

Jack up barge off of Port Canaveral
Photo courtesy of CEE staff

Treasure salvage ship  utilizing blowers to look for artifacts. Photo courtesy of CEE Staff.

Lifting boat onto salvage ship.  Photo courtesy of CEE Staff.

Measuring turbidity in the water. Photo courtesy of CEE Staff.

Jack up barge in place for treasure salvage.  Photo courtesy of CEE Staff.

Artifact recovered from bottom. Photo courtesy of CEE Staff.