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Hazardous Waste consulting

Hazardous Waste Management

 Whether it’s a lab pack that you need to have disposed, management consulting on hazardous waste profiling, shipping and disposal of or expertise on tweaking your existing system - call the professionals at Consolidated Environmental Engineering to help with your hazardous waste needs.

Plant and Facility Closures

In the unfortunate event that your industrial/manufacturing plant has to close, be sure to contact the professionals at Consolidated Environmental Engineering to help you close it properly.

Hazardous Waste Decontamination

The professional's at Consolidated Environmental Engineering can provide consulting and remediation services if you happen to have a spill or incident that requires emergency response. We can coordinate the cleanup for you and submit the necessary paperwork to the regulatory authorities on your behalf if needed. This also can include Hazmat, Biohazard and Meth Lab decontamination/sampling and grey/black water cleanup among others if you happen to need those services as well.



Our PhD has over 30 years in industrial hazardous waste and waste water minimization experience and used to work in Fortune 500 Companies and for State Regulators before opening Consolidated Environmental Engineering. Call us today to see how we can help reduce your waste costs today.