Mold Removal and Mold Testing Services

Mold - Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Heavily impacted closet with mold contamination.

Photo courtesy of Tim Scott

If you see black mold in your home or workplace or suspect that you may have a problem, give the professionals at Consolidated Environmental Engineering a call.  Our Mold Assessor/Mold Remediator provides mold testing and was one of the first to be licensed in the State (MRSR4 & MRSA6) and helped develop the regulations for the Mold Legislation.

Moisture Mapping

Saturated and water stained drywall.

Photo courtesy of Tim Scott

During our Mold Inspections we take readings of relative humidity, temperature and moisture content in the drywall, baseboards, flooring etc., which is called moisture mapping.  This indicates water damage if the readings are elevated above the normal Florida moisture content in these building materials. Other tests may be performed if warranted such as the use of infrared.

Common Areas of Water Intrusion

Failing caulk at windows often leads to water intrusion.

Photo courtesy of Tim Scott

We also look for common areas of water intrusion such as windows that may be leaking.  This is especially common after large windstorm events like Hurricanes because of the extreme stress that the winds and rain place on the windows.

Plumbing Leaks can cause Mold

A Shower ceiling covered in mold growth from an above unit plumbing leak.

Photo courtesy of Tim Sco

It is very common to have upper story plumbing leaks that affect lower story units or rooms.  When this happens, the plumbing must be repaired before remediation occurs or else the mold growth will just keep returning.

Water Damage Dryout & Restoration

Remediation of damaged drywall from a client in the Florida Keys.

Photo courtesy of Tiim Scott

Consolidated Environmental Engineering has dehumidification equipment, mold testing equipment, mold removal methods to treat your water damaged structure and a knowledgeable and skilled staff to remove and replace non-salvageable building materials.

Remediation Services

Sanitized and encapsulated attic as part of remediation process.
Photo courtesy of Tim Scott

This is an attic space that was heavily impacted with water damage resulting in mold contamination.  After all insulation was removed, the area was cleaned, sanitized and encapsulated  with a pigmented biocidal application.

Mold Services Continued

Dehumidification Equipment

Equipment in stock at Consolidated Environmental Engineering.  Photo courtesy of CEE Staff.

We have the equipment on hand to handle your water damage issue.

Remediation - Restoration

Remediation and dryout in process. Photo courtesy of CEE Staff.

Remediation - restoration dryout in process in this picture as part of the mold removal process. This is usually followed by mold treatment as a preventative or to actively remove mold contamination.

Remediation with Containment

Remediation with containment at a local fire station.  Photo courtesy of CEE Staff.

Containment is used as in this picture to help reduce any cross contamination that would otherwise occur.

Our Logos

Our transit van next to our street sign in Melbourne Florida.  Photo courtesy of Tim Scott.

When you see these you know that they belong to a trusted professional company that has been in business in Brevard County since 1996 and specializes in mold removal.

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Cool bonefish pic located in our Melbourne Office. Photo courtesy of Lisa Scott

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CEE Finished Remodel

CEE office fully remodeled. Photo courtesy of Lisa Scott

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